Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Sputnik Menu

Now here's a place that's very close to me, yet I don't stop in all that often. Sputnik is a little bar and performance space on Taaffe which has apparently, unbeknownst to me, started serving food.

SPUTNIK is well known in brownstone brooklyn for being a bar/performance space, having hosted such acts as KRS ONE, Earl greyhound, DJ Premier and many, many other notable musicians and artists as well a plethora of local talent.

What may be of news though, is that for over a year now, SPUTNIK has been operating as a "burger joint" restaurant as well, with a focus on specialty meats. I'm confident, and our many local regulars can attest, that SPUTNIK very possibly has the best burgers in Brooklyn. Choose your burger (the Sputnik, The memphis, the Tijuana etc.) and choose the type of patty (elk, ostrich, bison, beef, turkey or veggie). add a side of fresh cut fries, onion rings or a side salad. We've also recently added pita wraps: The Veggie California, the Falafel pita wrap, the spicy turkey, etc.

Yes, we are still a bar and have summer drinks on our menu. the sangria has quickly become a house favorite.

I understand there are many, many dining options in Brownstone Brooklyn and I think SPUTNIK offers something a bit different and well...just original.

Anyone had a chance to stop by lately? How's the food? "Best burgers in Brooklyn" is quite a claim, but it sounds like it's worth a try.


AliceBee said...

Food is good. I think I was there about 6 months ago last. My not so fresh recollection is that the food is quite comparable to Maggie Brown's. Excellent herbed fries as I remember it. Open late too on weekend nights at least, like 2-ish.

justin said...

Best burgers in Brooklyn, no, but good burgers nonetheless. I'm not a huge fan of non-traditional burgers, but the bison burger is decent if you're interested in being a bit healthier and more sustainable while still eating something that roughly approximates a real burger. A friend tried the elk and liked it; my girlfriend likes their turkey and veggie burgers. The beef burgers are fine; in the neighborhood, I'd rather have 67 Burger. I also don't like lots of toppings, so at either place I stick to a more or less plain cheeseburger, which makes them about cost-equivalent. My recollection is that Sputnik is a bit cheaper in general. Sputnik also has a bit of an advantage in terms of really cheap beer, at least at happy hour and when they do one of their frequent specials.

Brian said...

Yeah, I mentioned on Twitter that I'd be surprised if Sputnik bested 67 Burger, which remains one of my favorite burgers in the city. Maggie Brown's got a decent burger with the horseradish, too.

Sounds like Sputnik is definitely worth trying, at least. I'll try and find time soon to stop in.

Anonymous said...

Check out Prime meats, best burger I have had in Brooklyn so far... A little pricey but honestly but might just be worth it.

Brian said...

Prime Meats is one of those places I really have to get to, thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

The General Greene burger is pretty delicious - have you been yet?

Brian said...

I haven't and it's high time I got around to it. These suggestions have inspired me to make a whole post on this subject, check it out.