Monday, January 21, 2008

Square Root Cafe Grand Opening

It's a lovely (and cold) day, and in between playing with the dog and doing laundry, we sauntered over to the Square Root Cafe, which is finally open for business. I wasn't in any shape to move on New Year's Day, let alone go to a free brunch, so I missed their soft grand opening a few weeks ago. Today they finally opened up for real, and we went in for lunch.

The space inside is pretty nice and not cramped at all. There's some fun decorations - a 60's-era Coke machine, jukebox, phone booth (?!), etc. It's got somewhat of an old-fashioned diner feel, with some campy hipsterness thrown in.

Since it was so cold out, we ordered up some hot chocolate to sip while we waiting for our food. The chocolate was really, really good - I highly recommend it.

For lunch, we each ordered a panini. Mick had The Bela, which had portobello mushrooms, spinach, and goat cheese. I had The Neapolitan - tomato, basil, mozzarella, and grilled chicken. Despite taking a really long time to show up, both were pretty great. We'll chalk the long wait up to it being their first day, but it's certainly something they need to make sure and work on.

The prices were reasonable (it was less than $20 for the both of us), and the staff was friendly. Since it's so close, we'll definitely be back, especially for a Sunday brunch. If only they served mimosas...


Square Root Cafe
584 Myrtle Avenue

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Anonymous said...

Sorry this has nothing to do with this post, but i had some trouble with the "contact us" link. Could you please go to Caffe e Vino on dekalb near Brooklyn Hospital and review it? It looks really cute and appetizing, except its always empty. OK, I know it's not in clinton hill either, but please?

Brian said...

Thanks for the heads up on the contact link - I didn't realize it wasn't working. I'll get something working up tomorrow.

I haven't been to Caffe e Vino, but I'll try and get down there soon and do a writeup. Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

I went over the weekend; it was a disappointment. Service was rather inconsistent, food was cold. Soup was cold. Entrees were cold. OJ was Tropicana served in a plastic cup with ice.

All told, it was on par with most restaurants in the area; staffed by inexperienced and bumbling waitstaff, clunky menu ( macaroni and cheese served with 2 leathery sausages? Huh?).

I've lived in NYC for 21 years and it wasn't until this year, living in CH, that I finally gave up and taught myself to cook.

Anonymous said...

Had to add on...again not to do with new restaurant but old favorite...the excellent Castro's. So good you sometimes have to resist not eating it twice a week!

Katherine said...

Disclaimer- I met the owner before they opened and he is FDNY and I have a soft spot for firemen. He is a totally chill older guy.

I go to Square Root regulary, at least 2-3 times a week for coffee/snack and 1 x a week to eat and they are getting better and better . The place has a relaxed ambiance, decent food & friendly staff

I see many of the same customers each time I go- not bad for a place that is only open 2-3 months

Anonymous said...

Friendly staff? i beg to differ, i myself was a drop in at the cafe, it was good to find a place that showed the " mom and pop" look and actually treated their customers as well great customers, as u said katherine, there were recurring faces while i was there and the waitress seemed to know them all by name and drink. she never knew my name but i was treated and served just as a "Regular". however i went by during this week and to a distant waitress placed my order and was quickly dismissed, hoping it was a one time fluke "as she may be new" i went over again during their brunch and was greeted by another waitress who clearly was more concerned with the two "male models whannabe" sitting across from us. this cafe has a lot of potential, but needs consistence in there staff, or am i to come only on the days the " good" waitress works?

Kurt Christenson said...

This was the first place I ate in Clinton Hill and I loved it. I had the fried egg burger and the fried potatoes that came with it were the best I've ever had.

The service was very friendly and the Blow Pop I got at the end had me leaving with a smile.

When I went back the second time while apt hunting in the area, I had the Southwest burger and it was kinda bleh.

Def a spot to hit up again, but not quite as excited as I once was about it.