Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Il Porto Delivery

Feeling neither like making anything nor going out anywhere, we decided last night to order a pizza. I usually order from Little Louie's on Myrtle, but we decided to give Il Porto's delivery a try.

When you order, you have a choice of either a traditional or brick-oven cooked pizza, and we went with the brick oven, deciding on something a little different. The great thing about Il Porto's pizza is the crust, sauce, and cheese. Fresh mozzarella, perfect thin crust, and a really light and tasty tomato sauce really make for an excellent pie. It's a little more expensive than other pizzas - our pepperoni and mushroom pie came to about $27 with tip - but it's definitely worth it. Another nice touch was that because I'd ordered from them before, all they needed was my phone number; there was no worrying about screwing up the address on either end.

Il Porto's quickly become one of my favorite additions to the neighborhood. Oh, and they have their liquor license now, so no more BYOB if you stop in.

Oh, we also had some more red velvet cake from Cake Man Raven. I don't know how anyone can finish a single piece of that on their own. I was on a massive sugar rush on just a half.


Il Porto
37 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

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Anonymous said...

Il Porto is sooo good. Needed in the area. Anyone check out 7 Greene yet?

David Brioso said...

Stumbled upon your blog yesterday and it proved timely. Wanted to order in at my girlfriend's and tried Il Porto based on your review. We both enjoyed it a lot. Two brick oven 12" pies turned out to be more food than we needed but will make nice leftovers. Delivery to So. Elliott St. took about 20 mins.

Anonymous said...

I first want to say, THANK GOD FOR THIS BLOG!
I have been dying for a resource of food delivery options in clinton hill. as it stood, papa johns was getting really gross.

I just ordered from Il Porto. I got a 12 inch blanca brick oven pizza with sausage. It was amazing. Everything you could ask for out of a brick oven pizza. The guy who answere the phone was friendly and helpful. I also ordered the asparagus. It was perfect. I will be making this place a staple in my Deliveries, for sure.
Thank you again for providing this awesome blog!

Brian said...

I'm glad everyone seems to like this place as much as I do. That whole section of the neighborhood is really turning into something interesting. Mojito, Il Porto, Body By Brooklyn (review coming very soon), and from what I hear, a new boutique hotel AND a gourmet deli as well are coming soon.

Anonymous said...

I love Il Porto! I have been living across the street in The Chocolate Factory for 5 years and this place was really needed in the area. They have great brunch and the best Shrimp Caesar salad I have EVER had. My favorite slice is the fresh mozzarella, basil and fresh tomato sauce with chunks of's SO GOOD. And they have little lemon Pelligrino favorite beverage! I've never had delivery because I really like actually going there but I see the delivery guy running around A LOT! Happy to see them busy:)