Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Little Indian

While I was out waking Riley, I decided that I had no interest in leftovers or cooking anything tonight, so I decided on delivery. As it happened, I was walking by Kinara II, so Indian it was.

I'm not really an Indian food connoisseur - in fact I know very little about it. I ordered a chicken vindaloo principally because I'm a fan of Red Dwarf. Yes, this is how I make many of my decisions.

The vindaloo alone wasn't enough to meet the delivery minimum, so I added some garlic pita bread.

Turns out, vindaloo is pretty good, and spicy as Hell. I absolutely loved it, and highly recommend it. I can't compare it against other Indian places, but everything I've read while poking around the intertrons says that it's pretty highly regarded.


Kinara II Indian Restaurant
368 Myrtle Ave
Brooklyn, NY

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Anonymous said...

You should also try their chicken tikka masala.

Brian said...

I've heard it's great - I'm definitely getting it next time.

Anonymous said...

We would order from them every night if we could--they are wonderful! The chicken tikka masala & the lamb korma are divine, and the samosas, aloo papri, and satays are great appetizers. The portions are very well priced (dinner specials are easily enough for two). Good service and quick delivery, too--we've never yet been disappointed with Kinara.

Anonymous said...

Good words.