Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Time for 2009 in Clinton Hill

I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year. A warm one, too, as it was criminally cold on New Year's Eve.

One of the things I've been thinking about lately is which places in our neighborhood I desperately need to get to and review. There have been repeated calls for me to try No. 7 in Fort Greene, and I've certainly tried to go, but it's been closed both times. One of these days it will be open when I'm hungry, I'm sure of it. Greene Grape and Greene Grape Provisions are two places I barely ever get to, and I'd like to fix that.

Castro's is a place I've heard good things about but have never been to. Someone asked the other day why I don't have a link to it in the "Restaurants and Bars" sidebar, and the answer is simply that I've never linked to the websites of any restaurants I haven't personally been to (or ordered from).

As for my own cooking, I'm hoping to do a lot more in the new year, but who knows if that will actually come to fruition. The best laid plans, and all. I am planning on doing some baking this weekend, and right now it's between a pumpkin chocolate cheesecake or a flourless chocolate cake. November was a bit of a cheesecake overload around here, so I might go the chocolate cake route. A friend at work has been clamoring for a batch of muffins for a while, so that's another possibility. I also haven't made an eggplant parm in a good long while, and I think it might be time.

What would you all like to see? Which restaurants haven't gotten enough attention, from me or anyone else? Let me know!

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Anonymous said...

Castros is my favorite mexican food in brooklyn. chicken enchiladas with either the green or the red salsa are fantastic!