Monday, January 28, 2008

Buff Patty?

I've walked by Buff Patty on Myrtle a few times, most recently last night, when I decided to order from Kinara. Today I was curious, so I did a bit of Googling. Lo and behold, the place sounds really good.

I think I'm going to swing by tonight. Anyone have a recommendation on what to order? I know I want one of those empenada-like patties, but beyond that, I'm at a loss.


Anonymous said...

I really like their curried chicken. Yum!

Anonymous said...

i tried their jerk chicken, it was so good!
their patties are really good, beef patties are the best.

Anonymous said...

OH it's worth it for sure! The jerked chicken is the real deal and the patties are good as well.


Anonymous said...

I live right around the corner from Buff Patty & was psyched to try it when we moved in. Though the service was friendly and great, the food was mediocre. After reading these comments, though, I'm willing to give it another shot.

Unknown said...

Definitely the jerk chicken.