Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Clinton Hill Foodie Doubles in Size

It's impossible to spend any significant amount of time with me without ending up in this blog somewhere. Regular readers may recognize the names of friends and family who've passed through my culinary life, and most food experiences I have (and write about) involve others. For the last year, however, I've been blessed with sharing both kitchen and restaurant with my girlfriend, Olivia. While she enjoys being part of the blog tangentially, she grows ever frustrated with my lagging post schedule and my inability to do anything and everything she demands. I've decided that her oppression will reign no more. I will not stand idly by while she yells at me for not posting that Madiba review or forgetting to credit her pictures. Instead, I've simply given her a login.

I have no idea how often she'll post, but if she's got something to say, now she has a way to do it. Instead of hitting me.

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