Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Which Way to Go?

Happy New Year, fellow foodies! Hope everyone made it through Blizzageddon '10/'11 all right. I got stuck in Vegas for a few extra days, but was otherwise unscathed. Now it's time to think about January eats, yeah? Some egregious holiday spending has curtailed my budget for eating out, so I haven't been sampling our local cuisine nearly as much as would be expected. I did get over to 67 Burger the other night, but other than that? Nada.

As we head into the new year, I realize there are a variety of places I have yet to try, both old and new. The new coffee place on Willoughby, WTF, for instance. The Local wrote about it recently, and a reader even e-mailed asking if I'd been there. Well, aside from walking past it a few times, I haven't. Yet.

The Emerson (which isn't on Emerson), is another. Looks like an interesting new bar, and it's right around the corner from me. Have I been there? No. Will I? Sure.

How about restaurants that have been around forever that I've yet to try?  Luz, for one. Black Iris, for another. What else am I missing? The new place that replaced Thomas Beisl? Dino?

Help me out here, folks.


Anonymous said...

Beny's Delice on Fulton

Anonymous said...

You don't give Myrtle Avenue enough love. How about Tamboril? It's been there a while now and needs a review.

Brian said...

I've actually been to Tamboril a few times, and I assumed I'd reviewed it - guess not.

My last visit was actually really disappointing. The food took forever to come out and the service was awful, even though it was practically empty.

I've liked it in the past, though, and you're right that it's due for a review.

Beny's Delice is a great suggestion, thanks!

Travis said...

You are a terrible food blogger.

Anonymous said...

absolutely try luz. one of the best restaurants in the nabe. rotisserie chicken is heavenly... and $6 for half a chicken... the short rib appetizers? the bones melt in your mouth. The drink list is amazing also.

other spots: Kinara is some of the best Indian food in NYC. Umi Nom is easily the best Asian food we have in the neighborhood. Pillow Cafe has Taco night on Thursday eves and they have margaritas that will blow your mind (they also have a delicious brunch, that includes a fantastic bacon burrito).

Lastly, there are a ton of new bakeries on Myrtle... Cake Joy, the one that is also a photography studio, and the one on venderbilt off of myrtle... might be worth a few reviews of cupcakes or something.

Anonymous said...

Try DOUGH on Lafayette and Franklin! Hibiscus Donuts. Chocolate Chipotle Donuts. Nutella filled donuts. YES!

foodie2 said...

we ordered in from taqueria tepango the other night and were VERY pleasantly surprised. I was expecting the bland greasy mexican that NYC is famous for and instead it was flavorful, fresh and so so yummy!

clintonhill said...

you do realize that most of the spots you review are actually in Fort Greene, yes? Maybe you should try some spots on the other side of clinton ave that are actually in clinton hill:
Pilar Cuban on Classon and Greene
Tigerlilly (Vietnemese sandwiches) also on Greene and Classon
Le Grand Dakar (Senegalese) on Clifton and Greene
Kush on Putnam and Grand
Buka on Fulton btwn St James and Cambridge
Autour Du Monde (french) on Fulton and Clinton
Locanda Vini & Olii (Italian) Gates btwn Cambridge and Grand
Pillow Cafe (Myrtle)
Dajeh: Fulton and Clinton/Waverly
Duncans Fish Market (awesome fish sandwiches!)
Kum Kau (always a line for some awesome chinese) Myrtle and Washington
Mago Creperie on Grand btwn fulton and lefferts)
Maggie Browns (great comfort food) on Myrtle and Waverly

Most of these places are pretty great, some fancy and some more hole in the wall... although your blog seems to be less about the little gems and more about the more pretentious restaurants in Ft Greene.