Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Saffron and Chicken Risotto

It's starting to sound really weak, even to me, to bemoan my lack of posting whenever I get around to throwing one up, so I'm not even going to bother. Needless to say, life these days hasn't afforded as much time for blogging as I'd otherwise like. Still, it doesn't mean there aren't some good eats to pass along. I'm still cooking from time to time, and starting to eat out more than I have over the last few months as well. Lots of spots, both new and old, are on my radar that I'm hoping to get to and review.

Until then, though, how about I pass along a recent saffron and chicken risotto? See what I did there? I made you think you had a choice.

I've done risotto a few times on this blog, and it's something I'll always being toying around with, even if I'm never going to reach the experimental heights of the great Last Night's Dinner. This time, however, I kept things pretty traditional and just did a basic saffron risotto with, oil, butter, chicken stock, and a valencia onion.

All well and good, but I also tossed in some amazing salt that Liv's parents were so kind as to give me for Christmas. The set has four different artisan salts, and for this risotto I tried the red sea salt. I simply added a pinch of salt along with the rice and another when I added the parmesan and butter at the end.

It was good.

Liv threw together some sauteed vegetables and I pan seared a couple of chicken breasts to go on top (or rather, along side) the risotto.

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