Monday, January 31, 2011

New Grocery, New Farmer in the Deli

Looks like the northeast part of Clinton Hill (near where I currently call home) will be getting some new food options soon.

First up, it looks like at least part of the space in the new Pratt building on Myrtle will be occupied by a grocery store. I don't know much about Khim's Millennium market, but their spartan website proclaims "Natural and Organic Products at Affordable Prices." Anyone been to their other location in Williamsburg? Any good? The emphasis on natural and organic could point to a nice upscale grocer, which would be great. Or it could be overpriced nonsense.

On the other hand, it looks like some of the retail space across the street has been rented to none other than Farmer in the Deli, purveyors of excellently-built sandwiches. See this? This is me excited.

Along with Tamboril, the recently-relocated Jive Turkey, both Ruthies, the Emerson, and venerable White Castle, there seem to be a lot of food goings-on round these parts. Yay.


BGGB said...

When I lived near a Khim's a few years back it was by a wide margin my favorite deli.

Clean, well-stocked, and a great place to get good cooking ingredients, especially East Asian ones.

Brian said...

Well that's certainly encouraging. From the paper that's up in the new building, it looks like Khim's is getting at least half of the ground space, which would make it a pretty huge deli or a medium-sized grocery.

Anonymous said...

Khim's is cool if you are into buying stuff like $14 organic oatmeal from some farm in vermont that donates proceeds to darfur. Honestly, I'm way more excited for the farmer in the deli sandwich situation.