Monday, December 13, 2010

Dinner & Drinks?

Got this question from a reader this morning:

howdy... where's the best place in ft greene/clinton hill for a group of seven to have dinner and drinks at 6pm this saturday? we are driving down to meet friends there.

ryan j.

Great question, Ryan, and thanks for writing in!

My first choice would be No. 7, I think. Great food, awesome bar, and not terribly pricey. It can get kind of crowded on a Saturday night, so you may have to plan on a bit of a wait for a table while you booze up a little.

Aqualis Grill would be another good choice, and they've been decidedly less crowded whenever I've gone, even on Saturday nights.

Other choices? I'd never hesitate to recommend Kif, especially now that they have their liquor license back and bar in place. Cornerstone (formerly Papa's Place, formerly Red Bamboo) has always had a great bar, and I've really liked the food the last few times I've been. Hard to go wrong with Chez Oskar, Madiba, or any of the Italian places, too.

So what say you, folks? Where's your favorite spot for dinner and drinks? Where should Ryan go?


bs said...

Had a really nice 7-person dinner at Dino this weekend. There's only one large table, but if you make a reservation it's really nice and cozy for that size group.

Brian said...

Great to know. Dino's been on my list to try for quite a while now, but I haven't yet had the chance.

Sharon said...

Uh, how about Roman's or Dino? Or you could just keep recommending Kif and Aqualis and a place that no one's ever heard of that's been through three name changes in as many years. Surprised you didn't throw Fresh Fanatic in there as well, since you love to write about it.

Brian said...

If no one's heard of it, probably good to recommend it then, eh? :)

Haven't been to Dino yet, as I mention above. Roman's I've been too, but frankly wasn't particularly thrilled with. I thought it was a bit too expensive for I got. And while the food is good, I really didn't think the atmosphere was all that hot. I think there are better places to go out on a Saturday night.

Anonymous said...

Good suggestions but I'd like to throw in a suggestion for General Greene, which is really fun with a group. With such a diverse menu, it's a real crowd-pleaser to mix up different dishes among your group. Good wine list for your wine drinkers, Kelso (made in Clinton Hill) for your beer drinkers.

Your biggest fan said...

Didn't you just right a post about how you always forget to mention iCi when recommending restaurants? Maybe people wouldn't think you recommend the same places all the time if you would add some new places to the lineup ;)

All joking aside, iCi is awesome! Don't forget about it again.

Anonymous said...

I have to throw Luz into the running there. The food is amazing, the drinks are creative and delicious (try the pisco sour) and they can fit a big group if you call ahead.

Umi Nom is also amazing.... and Il Porto's brick oven pizza is great (try the pizza speciale) and they have live music on the weekends and lots of space.

Brian said...

OK, yes,I always forget to mention iCi, you're right. In the case, though, as good as the food is, I'm not sure it's the right atmosphere for dinner and drinks unless you're outside in the summer.

Luz is a place I've never actually been to, thanks for reminding me that I have to get there.

Umi Nom IS great, but last time I was there they still didn't have their liquor license and it was BYOB. That may have changed, though.

And any of the Italian places - Il Porto, Anima, or Graziella's - are great choices.