Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Long Weekend

I'm blessed with a four day weekend for the 4th this year, and I plan on taking full advantage of it - mostly by doing absolutely nothing.  Between a new job, a new dog, and some light to medium reorganizing of my apartment, I feel like I've been moving at speed for months now, and this break is welcome.

Still, I'm hoping to really enjoy our neighborhood this weekend.  I've already resolved to check out Black Swan, a new restaurant around the corner from me that Lesterhead wrote up the other day.  I'll stop by the Fort Greene farmer's market tomorrow for who knows what, and I'll bet Gnarly Vines has a tasting or two worth checking out.  A recent Twitter exchange with @MyrtleShuffle also has me craving some Buffy Patty, something I haven't indulged in in years.

There will definitely be some grillin' goin' on as well.

So how about you all?  What are your plans for the weekend, and what do you think is worth checking out?

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