Friday, June 4, 2010

Poppa's Place = Cornerstone = Yummy

Stopped in at what I thought was Poppa's Place the other night, only to discover they've changed their name once again, this time to Cornerstone.  The new name is much better, so no complaints there.

A few quick notes:

  • The pulled pork sandwich on brioche with apple cider barbecue sauce?  No longer just a special, it's on the menu for good.  Good call, there.
  • We tried the fried chicken, and it was good.  They were out of fries, so we substituted some mac and cheese, and the mac and cheese was really, really good.  I'm not a huge mac and cheese fan, but this was pretty great.  Nothing too fancy, just a classic done right.
  • We initially stopped in just to grab a couple of the amazing sweet peach tea with bourbon drinks that I raved about last time, but ended up staying for dinner.  While there, we struck up a conversation with a lovely chap who turned out to be the bar manager.  He gave us a complimentary Cucumber Breeze, his favorite drink.  It's not something i'd have ordered normally - I tend to avoid cucumber in my alcohol and I'm not a huge gin fan to begin with - but this was very refreshing and very good.  Perfect for a sultry evening, which this was.
  • I had the Alsatian Chicken, which was good.  Wish I'd gotten the pulled pork, though.
  • Seriously, those bourbon sweet teas are unreal.
  • Apparently the Marker's Mark-tini (forget what they actually call it) with peach puree is pretty tasty, but I haven't tried it yet.
I also have had a few chances to stop into the new Pet Store across the street, ABC Pet Supply.  I've mentioned it in passing, but there's a new addition to the Clinton Hill Foodie household, and I realized I haven't posted any pictures.  Meet Archie, the new Clinton Hill Foodie Mascot.

He loves you.  Not as much as he loves herding cats, mind you, but he loves you just the same.  Please say hi if you see us out and about.

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