Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fish with Peach Salsa

 Wow, it has been way, way too long.  I'd like to say I have some good excuses (and I do), but I'm loathe to place blame on anyone but myself.  For what it's worth, however, I am still swamped with work, and I just got a new dog, so I actually haven't been cooking or eating out as much in general lately.  I did get to Aqualis and Kif recently, though, as well as trying Umi Nom for the first (and second) times.  It's a great little place, and while the menu was a bit hit or miss for me, the hits were very, very good.

Last night I did a little bit of cooking, though it was nothing terribly exciting or different.  We've been eating a lot of fish lately, and I'm really enjoying the parchment baking.  I was up in Boston recently to visit my girlfriend's family, and we brought back with us a jar of homemade peach salsa.  I'd been planning on using it on some fish for a while, and last night we finally did.

Now, I know what you're going to say.  "But Brian, wouldn't it have made way more sense to use the peach salsa on a white fish like cod or tilapia?"  Yes, nameless Internet critic, it probably would have!  The salmon was all I had, though, so that's what we used.  And it was very, very good.

So the fish was parchment baked with a little olive oil and some vegetables, and the salsa was added at the end.  Very simple and it only took about 25 minutes to make.  If you happen to have a peach tree in your yard that sprouts delicious peaches, I recommend making peach salsa.  And then giving me some because I want more.

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