Friday, April 9, 2010

A Tale of Three Brunches

Very late in getting this post up (or any posts, really), but better late than never, I suppose. Last weekend was Easter, and what says Easter more than brunches? Well, maybe church and eggs and chocolate bunnies, but frankly I'm way more partial to the brunches than anything else.

On Saturday I ventured up to Westchester for brunch at the beautiful new home of my cousin Tara and her husband, Jim. As is customary for a family get-together, there was plenty of food, most of which I've documented here. I have no idea who made what, so apologies for not giving proper credit to the chef(s).

Toasted bread with gruyere

Crab salad puffs

Shrimp cocktail

Shumai (Japanese shrimp dumplings)

Pigs in a blanket

Dinner consisted of spiral-cut ham, Cornish game hens, macaroni and cheese, spinach, sauteed mushrooms, corn, apple sauce, and an amazing loaf of bread.

Not fully-stuffed just yet, we moved on to dessert.

Of course, I had to bring something, and what's better than a cheesecake? I'll have a whole separate post for this one, but here are a couple of shots. I think this was my favorite out of all the cheesecakes I've made.

Sunday brought forth another two brunches for me. My friends Kate and Nick had a massive Easter extravaganza to celebrate the opening of their fabulous back yard. If Kate sends along a picture of the spread, I'll be happy to post it, but I didn't end up taking any pictures myself.

So where's the third brunch? Well, because I was up so early I decided to have a light brunch on my own before heading over to Prospect Heights. I first tried the Square Root Cafe, but after sitting down and being ignored for ten minutes, I got fed up and left. I ended up at Anima, where I had a great little brunch of coffee and antipasto.

I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention how great Brian and the staff at Gnarly Vines was this past weekend. Brian recommended a fantastic sparkling rosé to go with the cheesecake, and it ended up being a big hit. Next time you're in, ask him about the Bulle.

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