Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quick Review of The Vanderbilt

Having brunch-loving friends in Prospect Heights means I'm down there almost as often as I'm up in Clinton Hill or Fort Greene. While I'm not going to make a habit of reviewing every Brooklyn restaurant I go to, The Vanderbilt is pretty close by and worth a mention.

Tucked into the corner of Bergen and (surprise!) Vanderbilt, The Vanderbilt has an open and friendly atmosphere and a pretty sophisticated menu.

Being brunch, I'd be remiss if I didn't order a Bloody Mary. Any restaurant that treats their Bloody Mary with respect earns instant Brunchy points with me, and The Vanderbilt did very well with theirs, made with Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce, Tito's vodka, and pickled green beans. It was spicy as Hell and very tasty, and is right up there with the best Bloody Marys in Brooklyn.

Though Bloody Marys are an integral part of brunch, they aren't (usually) a goal in an of themselves. So, we ate.

To start, a plate of the Blistered Shishito Peppers with pimenton salt. These were devoured quickly and with little fanfare. They are yummy.

My entree was the Eggs "Vanderbilt," this eatery's take on your garden variety Eggs Benedict. You get the option of ham (Jambon de Paris) or spinach, and it's got a great spicy hollandaise sauce. Of note were the english muffins, as they were decidedly un-burnt and very good.

I also ordered a side of potatoes, which were good but ended up being a bit too much food.

Here you see the Smoked Trout Crepe with melted leeks and a sunnyside egg. I only had a bite of this, but it was very good.

The Vanderbilt is very good, and not terribly expensive, though it's certainly not the cheapest brunch option. The coffee is spectacular (it's Stumptown), the food is very good, and the Bloody mary might be worth the trip alone. If you're nearby and haven't tried it, it's definitely worth a shot.


The Vanderbilt
570 Vanderbilt Ave
Brooklyn, NY

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