Monday, March 22, 2010

Kif to Re-Open Friday

Once again, The Local does a far better job than I could of letting us know what's going on. Kif, the French and Morroccan restaurant on Dekalb that's been closed up for a little while, is set to re-open its doors on Friday.

Mr. Zoughbi had knee surgery in January and had planned to close the restaurant for only a few days, he said. Instead, he spent two months resting in his hometown, Paris. “My body said stop, so I listened. I had no choice,” he said.

In addition to a new paint job, Kif will have a new menu, with more tapas dishes and more organic food. The restaurant will open for breakfast, offer a wireless Internet connection and sell “picnic boxes” to take to the park, Mr. Zoughbi said. Also, Kif will sell Moroccan products like preserved lemons, olives, spices and argan oil.

Sounds great. I really enjoyed Kif when I was there a while back (wow, has it really been two years?), and I was a-feared that maybe it had closed for good. It's good to hear that it'll be back.

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