Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ray's Florida Pizza

Hanging out with Dad usually means one night of homemade pizza, and this trip proved to be no exception. You've all seen the recipes before, so I won't bother, but I thought I'd toss up some photos at least. I did a quick batch of fresh sauce as usual, because really, if you're going to make the dough from scratch, using a jarred sauce is just criminal.

One pizza was a basic margherita with fresh basil and lots of cheese.

The second had some Boar's Head pepperoni and finely chopped anchovies. I firmly believe that anchovies are one of those most underrated pizza toppings, but you need to be careful not to abuse them. But a good pizza with the right amount of high-quality anchovies? Well, it's the stuff that dreams are made of. Salty, fishy dreams.

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