Thursday, November 5, 2009

Easy Weekday Pasta

I've had a rough few weeks on a variety of fronts, so a lot of the more in-depth cooking I do has been put on hold. That doesn't mean there aren't simple and easy ways to make something good without a lot of time or preparation.

The other night I wanted some pasta, but didn't have any good options for sauce around. While I usually like having some of my own red sauce at the ready for these kinds of emergencies, it's been a while since I've done up a batch and I was fresh out.

A quick butter and garlic sauce was the answer. This is something that's quite literally once of the easiest things you can do for pasta, and it's almost impossible to screw up. This is Clinton Hill Foodie's version of Rachel Ray's cooking, I suppose.

1. Cook pasta. Drain pasta.

2. Add 3-4 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil, 2-3 tbsp butter, and 1-2 tbsp mined garlic. Fresh garlic is the best, but I like keeping around little jars of minced garlic in the fridge for exactly this kind of thing. You can vary the amounts of everything to taste - I tend to prefer more oil and less butter and more garlic.

3. Stir in the pasta. Add salt and pepper to taste, maybe with some crushed red pepper flakes.

4. Serve with grated parmigiano reggiano and more pepper.

That's it. Simple, easy, light, and awesome.

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Anonymous said...

RE: jars of minced garlic

Do you mince the garlic yourself, or is it store bought? If store bought, what brand and where do you get it?

Thank in advance.