Wednesday, August 19, 2009

67 Burger Review

I've written up 67 Burger before, but this past Saturday I happened to get a craving for a good burger while also having my camera with me so I thought I'd take the opportunity to pop in and give this neighborhood joint the full treatment that it deserves.

Named after its address, 67 Lafayette Ave, 67 Burger is a Fort Greene restaurant that does pretty much one thing: serve gigantic, greasy burgers that are made to order. The menu is a monument to burger construction, guiding the diner through a choice of meat, burger "style," extras, and sides. If you're looking for something other than some kind of meat on a bun, this probably isn't your place (though there are a few good looking salad options). 67 Burger is all about the burgers, and they make no bones about it.

I've been to 67 Burger before and have always been happy with their beef burgers, but this time I wanted to try something a little different. I make turkey burgers at home a lot and I'm always happy, so I figured I'd give 67's a chance. I ordered a turkey "parisian" with swiss cheese and an order of fries.

First off, the fries were as good as ever. They're made to order and are almost too hot to eat when they arrive ahead of your burger. The order is also pretty massive, so you might want to consider sharing a single order if you're not alone, especially considering the size of the burgers themselves.

67's Burgers are massive affairs, so there's never any worry of leaving hungry. While I really liked the parisian's onions and mushrooms combined with the swiss, I was less thrilled than I thought I'd be with the ground turkey. It didn't seem seasoned much at all, and was a bit disappointing. From now on I'll stick to the ground beef, I think.

67 Burger has to be a part of any discussion of Brooklyn's best hamburger, though. While I loved what I tried at Prime Meats, 67 certainly has more variety and creativity on their menu as a specialty joint, and if you haven't been it's certainly worth the trip. I kind of need a nap just thinking about it.


67 Burger
67 Lafayette Ave
Brooklyn, NY

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Anonymous said...

yum those fries look so good. do they have veggie burgers. i'm going have to stop by after my next visit to ze flea.

Brian said...

They do have veggie burgers, it's one of the meat choices. You choose beef, ground turkey, grilled chicken, or a veggie patty.

You can see the full menu on their website:

sarah said...

They also have the best turkey burger around. Juicy and delicious, not dry at all.

Brian said...

I had the turkey burger this time and didn't really care for it. It was ok, but I doubt I'd get it again.