Thursday, July 16, 2009

Say Hello to the Aqualis Grill

I had no idea this was on it's way, but it sounds like we've got a new option for seafood in the neighborhood, and anyone who read about my trip to Florida a few months back knows how happy that makes me. Andy at The Local has a heads-up of the brand new Aqualis Grill down on Fulton:

About a month ago clabl, , one of our frequent commenters, asked about a new restaurant coming to Fulton Street.

It’s now here. And perhaps you have already been there. The Aqualis Grill, a Mediterranean restaurant at 773 Fulton Street, opened on July 2. Fish is their specialty, with most of their entrees less than $20. If you have been in, tell us what you think of it.

Here's what the single Yelp review had to say:

The salmon carpaccio was PERFECTION. The grilled swordfish kebab was equally amazing. My friend and I also ordered the feta and roasted pepper spread, which was served with freshly baked pita bread.

The ambiance is wonderful, the music is great, and the waiters are hot. Without a doubt best Mediterranean fare this side of Athens.

Sounds like a great place, and it's instantly up there on my list of places to try. Anybody been there yet?

UPDATE: I finally got around to trying this place and give it a proper review. Check it out.


Aqualis Grill
773 Fulton St.

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Unknown said...

Went to try Aqualis for lunch today - loved, loved, loved the place! Great food - highly recommend the octopus salad and grilled fish. Yummy! Not to mention the wine selection! Stayed there for hours - noone rushed us out. Perfect place for a lazy summer day (or night, for that matter!)