Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Bakery: Essential Cakes

I'm a day late on this one, but thanks to Oral Fixation at The Local for writing up the new bakery on Fulton, Essential Cakes.

Proprietor Etwin Gordon, a graduate of the American Institute of Culinary Arts, hails from Canarsie but chose to open up shop in Clinton Hill because “it’s an up-and-coming neighborhood.”

Upon first bite, Oral Fixation was surprised at the delicacy with which Ms. Gordon’s cupcake toed the fine line between kitchen table and patisserie. The cake has a fruity, subtle sweetness and delicate crumb; the icing is sugary, suffused with coconut andalmost toothy in texture, triggering memories of grade-school birthdays past.
Sounds great, has anyone else had a chance to stop in?

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louis luzzo said...

From your description, like tasting a fine wine or aged cheese, one can't help but want to give these a try.