Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Best Burgers in Brooklyn?

Let's talk some more about burgers, shall we? Last week's post on Sputnik's new menu and claims of the "best burger in Brooklyn" sparked a few comments and some emails to me on the subject, and it's high time we explored this in more detail. We've talked plenty about pizza - my current favorite is Il Porto, by the way - but there hasn't been a good burger debate yet.

First thing's first: unlike pizza, it's not that hard to make your own really excellent burger. Pizza takes yeast and a superhot oven and a pizza stone or something similar. Burgers just take good ingredients and a range, boiler, or grill. With that in mind, check out my burger recipe from a little while back. You can also just ask any red-blooded American within earshot and I guarantee you'll get a decent-to-great burger recipe suggestion.

Ok, so you don't feel like cooking or grilling? Let's talk about where to go in Clinton Hill and Fort Greene for a really good burger.

The first obvious choice is 67 Burger, which I've been to and really, really like. The burgers range from pretty standard to mildly exotic, and they've got top-notch fries to boot. They're expensive, but worth it if you're treating yourself.

Next on my personal list would be Maggie Brown. Here's what I wrote back in 2007 in my first CHF post:
The burger was great, especially notable for the excellent, greasy bun and the horseradish they sprinkle on top of the cheddar.
Way to be descriptive there, champ. Still, the horseradish was really memorable, and it's a burger I'd never say no to.

Some other suggestions from readers include the burgers at Prime Meats and General Greene. Rustik makes some turkey meat sliders with blue cheese that I've had a couple of times, and I'd wager money that Brooklyn Public House has at least a decent burger. Red Bamboo likely has one made out bamboo stalks and bean curd, too.

I know I'm missing a bunch of good ones, too. What are some of your favorite places to grab a burger in the 'hood?

Update: I got to try the burger at Prime Meats recently, and...damn. It gets my vote.


Unknown said...

Your demographics are too confining.

Go to Bonnie's Grill in Park Slope.

They'll make you live forever.

justin said...

I agree that Bonnie's makes an excellent burger, but it might not be better than 67 Burger; the trick at 67 is to stick to a plain cheeseburger. The toppings can be overwhelming, and drive the price through the roof. Maggie Brown didn't impress me much; way too much going on, and a bit dry. But then, I've been to Maggie Brown's a few times (live right around the corner) and have never had a great experience. I know everyone else loves them, though, so I'll chalk it up to bad luck. 67 might be my favorite in Brooklyn, but in general I prefer a smaller patty, and Brooklyn places seem to all do thicker, pub-style burgers. 5 Guys is a nice addition. I've never been to Dumont or Luger's, so I can't really claim to be a Brooklyn burger expert. I also haven't had The General Greene's burger, but I've had Ryan Skeen's burger at Irving Mill, which was excellent, but not life-altering like I was expecting. I've definitely had more transcendent pizza experiences in New York than burgers, which, with a few exceptions, I always feel like I could top at home.

BS said...

General Greene - without a doubt. They use kobe, which is kinda like cheating in a burger, but still...delicious

Anonymous said...

Mullanes for sure! Try the Elliot Burger. Yummy cheddar and horserashish sauce.

Brian said...

You know, while I've never had the burger at Mullane's, I figured they probably had a good one and I should have mentioned it.

The many suggestions for the General Greene mean it's definitely what I'll try when I finally get my ass in there.

As for my demographics being too confining, it is Clinton Hill Foodie :) Maybe I shouldn't have titled the post Brooklyn's Best Burger, but it just rolls off the tongue well, doesn't it?

elizanyc8 said...

Choice Market delivers delicious food all around, but their burgers are wonderful. They are big but not overwhelming. The meat is really tasty but what puts it over the top is their delicious special sauce.
Just a few blocks out of CH in Prospect Heights is The Beast, which has really unbeatable brunch (chorizo hash, french toast with rum-soaked apples) and a friend gave me a bite of their burger. It's a contender!
On the General Greene line of thought, when you do go, do yourself a favor and enjoy their chocolate chip cookies. A step above.

Anonymous said...

you are a weirdo

Anonymous said...

Abistro has a very tasty burger.

Brian said...

Ok, I got to try both The General Greene and Prime Meats this weekend.

Prime meats wins hands-down. Just a fantastic burger.

The General Greene was very disappointing. The burger was good, but overcooked. I much prefer 67 Burger in Fort Greene, and Prime Meats overall.

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matt said...

buttermilk channel in carroll gardens. the best burger i've had in a long time.

Ed said...

Brooklyn Public House does indeed have a great burger, although whether it's the self-professed "best burger in New York" as per one of the staff I'm not so sure. There's plenty of contenders for that one. It was the best I've had in a while though.