Monday, May 18, 2009

Some Snacks

I've never really liked hummus. To me it always smacked of eating dirt. I readily admit, though, that I never gave hummus a fair shake, for whatever reason. It was one of those irrational knee-jerk judgments we make form time to time.

Last week I suddenly had a craving for hummus - I don't know why. I think I wanted some kind of dip without having to endure a lot of cheese and/or sour cream. Hummus seemed like a healthier alternative, so I picked up a container of the spicy red pepper Sabra and really enjoyed it. So I like hummus. Who knew?

Cut to a recent Costco trip. I picked up what can only be described as a tub of roasted pepper and jalapeno hummus, along with some pretzel chips and whole wheat pitas. Through in some wine and you have the makings of a decently healthy snack.

The wine was a great table wine that I like to have around called A Mano. It's a primitivo (the Italian name for Zinfandel) from Puglia, and can be found for $7 or $8 a bottle pretty easily.

While at Costco I also picked up a few cans of chick peas, so I'm going to try my hand at making my own hummus soon.


Anonymous said...

Do you self a favor take a trip to Sahadi's on Atlantic Avenue. Make your way through the maze into the back room and order yourself the most delicious Hummus you have ever tasted. I like to take it home and then mix my own red peppers or dill into it. You won't be dissappointed I promise you.

187 Atlantic Ave

Anonymous said...

loads of typos sorry about that should have proof read before I published. Anyway Sahadi's Hummus get some!

AliceBee said...

Have you tried the hummus at Kif? Methinks you'll like it. They add white beans to it and it softens the chickpeas a bit, making the whole thing buttery.