Friday, May 8, 2009

The Day After Blogfest

Blogfest last night turned out to be a whole lot of fun. I was a little perturbed at myself for not getting around to submitting any pictures for the photo-blogging tribute videos, and I'm not sure how valuable the "blogs of a feather" breakout sessions were, but all in all it was a really positive event.

The after party was the real event for me, though. I met up with the talented bloggers who write Myrtle Shuffle and Nostrand Park before heading over to Galapagos. While there, we quickly joined up with Andy from The Local before eventually creating a serious Clinton Hill blogging team with Clinton Hill Chill, Lester from Clinton Hill Blog, and Gabrielle of Still Hip.

Afterwards, Alice and I headed over to Rope for one last drink - or two - before calling it a night.

I didn't take many pictures, but I do have a few and I'll update this post later once I have a chance to get them off the camera. It was a great night that I'm paying for a bit this morning. Bourbon is bad for you, kids.


Melissa said...

I'm sorry we didn't get to meet! I'm sure we will eventually! Blogfest needs some help but the spirit is there. I was torn between the food & craft BOAF or the Gothamist dude. Kinda wish I could have heard his nuggets of wisdom, but loved meeting Ameet of, Alana of and the nice ladies (no names on the cards!) behind and the blog.
Fun. And yes, I'm dragging this morning.

Brian said...

Yeah, I had a similar dilemma - Food and crafts or placeblogging? I also would have liked to hear Jake's advice on monetizing. I chose placeblogging, and I think I chose poorly. Basically I got chatted up by someone running for city council and one of the reps pitching some kind of map widget.

The food blogging circle looked much more interesting, but it was breaking up by the time I got down there.

Ray at Sheepshead Bites said...

Sorry to hear you had such a disappointing time at the Place Blogs section. Somehow, I feel personally responsible for that since I remember speaking with you, myself. I read your post where you echoed the sentiment about Blogs-of-a-Feather being not as helpful as you might have liked.

I don't know if I can tell you anything more about blogging that you don't already know (what a cool site you have here), but if you would like to speak to either me or my editor, Ned Berke, feel free to drop by our site (and email us) and we'll give you a personalized Blogs-of-a-Feather do-over -- this time, no politicians.

Hey, if even you just want a personal tour of the food scene over here in Sheepshead Bay -- feel free to contact me.

Brian said...

I think the problem I had was more with the concept of a place-blogging break out group. I mean, everyone there was a Brooklyn blogger, so we're all place-bloggers to some extent, right? I'm just not sure what we could have focused on. Maybe with more time or a tighter agenda it could have been more useful?

I really enjoyed meeting you, though, and I've become a fan of Sheepshead Bites :)