Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wine, Cheese and Baseball

It's opening night in Seattle for the Mariners, and since I'm stuck in cold, rainy Brooklyn I can't be there for the game. Instead, I opened up a bottle of wine and tried some cheese I picked up last weekend at Fairway.

The wine is a Michele Chiarlo Barbera D'Asti Superiore 2006, one of the best, least expensive table wines out there. It's pretty mild and goes with almost anything and can be found for $7-$8 a bottle pretty easily. It's the kind of wine that's always good to have around and is almost worth picking up by the case. The not-Costco liquor and wine store next to Costco in Red Hook sells it, which is where I picked up this bottle (which was one of many).

The cheese is langres, a creamy French cheese similar in texture to brie, but a little more salty and tangy. I was browsing Fairway's pretty great cheese selection and decided on this on a whim. I wanted soemthing easy to spread onto crackers, but with a little more punch. This fit the bill nicely.

Hope everyone's staying dry and warm tonight. I thought Spring was supposed to be here by now?


melissa said...

Yum, that cheese sounds great. I love brie, salt and tang - together at last. Are you from Seattle? Capital Hill to Clinton Hill? Aw, yeah.

Brian said...

It was really good, I really enjoyed it. Only a tiny bit left now!

I am from Seattle originally, yes. I went to college in upstate NY and moved to the city in 2001.

It makes it quite a pain to be a Mariners fan, though. Games starting at 10pm most of the time means I end up with a lot of late nights during baseball season.