Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Sunday Filled With Cooking

No pictures yet, as I want to split everything up into multiple posts, but today was spent with me not really leaving the kitchen. It started with me finally getting around to making a key lime cheesecake that was requested by a friend on Twitter.

Once I'd gotten that in the oven, I decided it was time to use the sausage and mushrooms I'd bought a few days back to make a batch of sauce.

Once that was safely cooking, I figured why not use the pork, beef, and veal I'd picked up (for no real reason, mind you) to make a batch of meatballs to go with the sauce.

I'm now in a food coma, so these posts will likely have to wait a day or two, but rest assured that they're coming. I can't recommend key lime cheesecake enough.

I think now I need to sleep.


Unknown said...

Don't lie - the meatballs came at my request!

What's next on the cheesecake menu?!

Anonymous said...

Your either 50lbs overweight or have an incredible metabolism. Who eats like this.

Brian said...

Cara - Actually, the request first came from someone else, but your suggestion sealed the deal.

Anon - No, but thanks for reading. Some people just like good food from time to time, and moderation is key!