Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Home Delivery for CSA Shares?

I've been on the waiting list for the Clinton Hill CSA for a couple of years now but haven't yet gotten the opportunity to be a part of it. Well, yesterday this email showed up in my inbox:


With home delivered Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares, Farm Share connects New Yorkers with family farms and brings the harvest to City and suburban tables. Farm Share urges New Yorkers to “Do good, eat better” with locally grown, organic vegetables, fruit and eggs grown and raised in Upstate New York.

Now starting its third year, Farm Share started with delivery to 200 families in a few towns in Westchester. Farm Share has grown year to year since 2007 and in 2009, Farm Shares will be available in Brooklyn for the first time, adding the Borough to Manhattan, all of Westchester and Greenwich, CT to Farm Share’s delivery area.

“As a City kid who yearned for the country and pretended that Central Park was a wilderness, it brings an incredible sense of satisfaction to connect New Yorkers with organic farming and sustainable living” said Luke Brussel, with his wife Gail, the founders of Farm Share. “New Yorkers know great food and crave a connection with the earth at a livable scale. Farm Share brings amazing food direct from the family farm that grew it. New Yorkers really respond to that.”

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a unique approach to bringing farms and families together by giving the farmer a commitment from the buyer for the whole season. For the farmer, that means having the resources to buy seed and equipment and the time to do what they love to do – farm! For participants, it means a direct connection to the grower, and a whole season of great food.

Here’s how it works: Participants sign-up for Farm Share deliveries at and in June, start to get boxes of organic and naturally grown produce and eggs delivered right to their door once a week. Deliveries continue through the fall. Recipes from local chefs and news from the farm are emailed in the newsletter to members each week.

What’s in a CSA share: It depends on what is being harvested on the farm each week, but each Share includes up to a half bushel of fresh vegetables per week with many different delicious varieties including outstanding heirloom types not available in stores. Fruit and egg shares are also available. The shares are designed for 1-2 adults who love vegetables or a family of four with small children.

What does it cost: A CSA share costs under $30 per week for vegetables shares and fruit and eggs can be added at participants’ option. Payment is made for the full season at sign-up which enables the farmer to grow the crops and offer them at discount prices, and to survive another year in this difficult economy.

Sounds interesting, but since I've never actually participated in a CSA, I'm not sure how this would compare to hyper-local ones like the Clinton Hill and Fort Greene CSAs. Has anyone out there tried MyFarmShare? Any good or bad experiences?



Unknown said...

There are no less than 2 CSA locations in Fort Greene and one in Bed Stuy near the Clinton Hill border. Maybe one of them is still accepting members. Check out:
for more information. :) I've really enjoyed being a member of the Clinton Hill CSA personally.

Luke said...

Farm Share is as hyper-local as it gets. All of the crops in each week's share are hand harvested on the family farm in Chenango County NY (near Binghampton) and brought down to the City where they are delivered (in proven ecologically sound manner) just about immediately to all members. Every carrot, kohlrabi, tomato and lettuce are grown organically and provided by one farmer with 35 acres. I think its great! But I'm totally biased, I founded Farm Share. The farm is just down the road from where my parents had a farm when I was growing up in the City (we went up on weekends and our neighbor grazed his cows on our land). Hope you have a chance to try Farm Share - you won't be disappointed.

Brian said...

J - I'd love to try the Clinton Hill CSA. maybe next year!

Luke - Thanks for taking the time to comment. Farm Share certainly looks interesting and may be a great option for people in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I contacted the folks at and they don't deliver to Brooklyn yet.

Laura Anne said...

I used one year for a winter share and what I received were APPALLING wilted veggies with spores, at first we couldn't figure out why the food was molding so quickly EVERY TIME. I brought my complaints to the company and nothing was done. I wanted to cry every time I got my box :(