Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Things have been pretty quiet here, I know, but we'll pick up soon, I promise. Today, I was out on Long Island for Easter dinner with some family, and my Aunt Mary Ellen cooked up quite a storm. I baked a ricotta cheesecake (pictured here) that I'll post about in more detail tomorrow. For now, here are some pictures of our dinner.

Appetizers - prosciutto-wrapped melon, quiche, and pita chips with alouette cheese along with pineapple mimosas.

The leg of lamb, freshly out of the oven.

A spinach salad with blue cheese, dried cranberries, prisciutto, and a tangy vinaigrette.

What's an Italian dinner without some risotto?

Glazed carrots: always welcome.

The carved-up lamb that was a fantastic centerpiece to Easter dinner.

Dessert #1: Berries with ice cream and strawberry sauce.

Dessert #2: My ricotta cheesecake which I'll be writing about tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a happy Easter, Passover, or non-denominational Sunday dinner!

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