Monday, March 16, 2009

Sushi in Clinton Hill and Fort Greene

Saturday night I had some friends over for a few libations and some Rock Band caterwauling and we ended up ordering what turned out to be a rather healthy assortment of sushi from my go-to sushi delivery place, Sushi Tatsu. I've been ordering from Tatsu for years, but lately I've been wondering if maybe I'm missing out but not trying any of the other local sushi places.

I've heard some good things about Sushi D on Dekalb, but I tried ordering form them once a few years ago and was so disappointed that I haven't given them a second thought since. The pieces of fish were tiny and pale, and the rolls weren't anything to write home about. It seemed way too expensive and not very good, so I haven't bothered trying them again. Did I just hit a bad night?

There's also Yamashiro and Sushi Okdol, neither of which I've tried.

Any other suggestions for a sushi lover in this part of Brooklyn?


Unknown said...

I like Tatsu for quick, no-nonsense Sushi. But I've had nothing but good experiences with Sushi D. In fact the quality of the fish there, for me, has been great. I usually order a couple of rolls, but my gf has ordered sashimi and it's been good if not great.

Brian said...

I think I really do have to give Sushi D another try. I keep hearing good things. That first order I had was just so awful, though. It was worse than bad grocery store sushi. I remember the salmon in particular being so pale and unseemly.

I'll give them another shot, though. Too many people seem to have had good experiences.

Anonymous said...

I have also been disappointed by Sushi-D and have stopped going there. When I need to order and get it reliably, I've been ordering from Yamashiro on Myrtle.

But honestly the best sushi in the neighborhood isn't in the neighborhood. You should definitely try Taro on Dean, between Fifth and Flatbush, or Gen on Washington Ave on the other side of Atlantic. Both of them run circles around anything in Fort Greene or Clinton Hill. I've tried getting delivery from both of them, but the wait has been over an hour, which just isn't worth it.

Anonymous said...

One more thing: Has anyone tried the sushi at Choice Greene (on Greene, near Grand)? It's takeout only, but it looks pretty good.

Dahl said...

I'm near Atlantic so I'm a lot closer to Gen, so that's usually where I get delivery from - its pretty good, though Josh is right, the delivery is kind of slow. And Taro does rock, though I haven't tried to get delivery since I moved from a few blocks away from there.

Brian said...

I haven't tried the sushi at Choice (either of them), Taro, or Gen. Sounds like I have some sushi exploring to do.

Anonymous said...

I've dined in at Sushi Okdol. It was absolutely the worst restaurant i have ever been to in the world. It's clearly a tax shelter. They were as surprised to see a customer as I was to see the guy from the dry cleaner trying to make sushi (not joking). It must have been a delivery because we decided to order noodle soup to be safe. It came complete with soap bubbles. Hmmm . . citrus smelling, salty tasting. The best part of the dinner was waking up the next day to discover that I did not have food poisoning. That was a form ecstasy that can't be bought.
I like Gen.