Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Greene Grape Blog

The great wine and grocer, The Greene Grape, has a new blog up! The Greene Grape Blog aims to provide store news for both the wine shop and Greene Grape Provisions as well as recipes (the ingredients for which you can conveniently buy right in the store.

Another great idea that they're planning on implementing soon as a "virtual wine club." I'll let Amy from Greene Grape describe it in her words:
We're planning on doing a virtual wine club soon - just posting about a particular wine for the weekend and then having our staff comment on it on the blog - so you can drink at home but see other people's impressions of the wine. I found it very hard when I first started learning about wine because you don't necessarily have a community to share thoughts and impressions with like you do at industry tastings.

The Greene Grape Blog is also offering $20 store gift certificates to anyone who submits a recipe that they end up using on the blog. Sounds like a great way to get the neighborhood involved, and I'll be submitting a few of my own soon enough. Send your submission to amy@greenegrape.com.

I love the idea of the virtual wine club. One of the great things about this neighborhood is how many great little wine shops we have, between Greene Grape, Thirst, Olivino and Gnarly Vines (am I missing any?). There's always a new bottle I haven't tried, waiting to be discovered, and the staff at every shop has always been friendly and helpful.

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Anonymous said...

You should send them your recipe for Pat's no knead bread.