Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stone Crab Paradise

Before we get started, I know the pictures in the psot are all over the place. The lighting was just awful and I had to resort to a flash for a few of them. Not my best work, I know, but bear with me.

Moore's Stone Crab Restaurant is a rather big place out on the very tip of Longboat Key in Sarasota. They specialize, not surprisingly, in stone crab, a variety of crab native to Florida and not found too often outside the area. It's a finicky crab to keep fresh as it dries out quickly, so it's a bit of a delicacy 'round these parts. Moore's seems to be famous for it, though we like the restaurant because of their amazing key lime pie.

Last night we began with a small order of stone crab (none of us felt particularly inclined to a whole dinner) along with oysters Rockefeller, always a treat (though I much prefer them raw). a bottle of riesling complemented the stonies (as they're called) nicely.

For our entrees, we had a variety of different platters of scallops, grouper, shrimp, and crab cakes, with my father getting blackened Cajun (there it is again) mahi mahi. Everything was good and hearty, and the portions ended up being big enough that none of us could finish everything.

For dessert, the afforementioned key lime pie, which really is spectacular. It's similar in consistency to a very creamy cheesecake. Very rich and tart, with a sweet and firm crust. If you're ever in the area, it's worth stopping in to Moore's just for the pie.


Moore's Stone Crab Restaurant
800 Broadway St.
Longboat Key, FL 34228

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Anonymous said...

Yummy yum yum. Never had stone crabs but they look good. Key lime pie however is one of my favorite things of the planet and that one looks magnificant.

Not fair.

Brian said...

They were good, although since we got the smallest size, they were a little difficult to handle. They come in much larger sizes (medium, large, and jumbo) for the dinners, and those looked to be a lot better. Expensive as hell, though (the jumbo stone crab dinner is $79.99).