Sunday, February 1, 2009

First LouLou...

Loulou's one of the neighborhood's real treasures, so it was with boundless enthusiasm that I invited two friends to join me there last night. I'd considered trying some place new, but I also wanted to make sure our neighborhood showed off a bit, so I took maybe the safest option. Loulou has yet to disappoint, and last night was no exception. If you've never been, you should go. I mean it. Go right now. Wait, no, read the rest of this post first, then go.

Between the three of us, we ended up with two appetizers, three entrees and two desserts, so there's a lot of goodness to look at.

I had what's probably my favorite crepe at Loulou, the Saint Jacque: seared scallops with mushrooms in a vermouth sauce, served with mixed greens.

We also got an order of mussels, a larger order of which I had as my entree the last time I was here.

For the main course, we each tried something different. I was all over the map with what I felt like getting, and I ended up with the Poulet Preparation Grand Mere. Not speaking French, I translated this as "Big Mamma Chicken of the Sea." I think it's close, right? In any event, it's a roasted half chicken served over asparagus and mushrooms.

Next up was the Bouillaisse, which I would have gotten if I hadn't been beaten to it by one of my lovely dining companions. I did get to try it, and I'm pretty sure I'll be getting it the next time I'm eating there.

Finally, the Cotelettes De Porc, a pork chop served with a blue cheese and sweet potato gratin. I'm not sure what I expected with the gratin, but it ended up being very surprising and tasty.

It had been far too long since I'd enjoyed Loulou's warm chocolate cake, so I wasn't going to leave without it, regardless of how full I was. they've changed the presentation a bit since I last tried it, but it's as sweet and delicious as ever.

We also got an order of the coconut flan, which was what one would expect from a coconut flan.

A couple of bottles of a 2005 Bordeaux, Chateau Le Pavillon De Boyrein complemented everything in the meal nicely. 2005 has turned out to be one of the great Bordeaux years, so it's pretty difficult to find one that isn't really good.

If you live in Clinton Hill or Fort Greene and haven't yet been to Loulou, you really owe it to yourself to stop in one of these nights. In a neighborhood with so many great new restaurants, it's great to remember that there are some even better older ones around.


222 Dekalb Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205

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Anonymous said...

"We also got an order of the coconut flan, which was what one would expect from a coconut flan."

Come on guy, if you're going to have a food blog, you've got to give us a little bit more than that.

Brian said...

You're right, but really it was pretty unremarkable. It was a good flan. It had some coconut in it. It was firm and not too mushy, and wasn't too sweet, which happens sometimes with flan.

It was good, but it wasn't spectacular.