Monday, February 9, 2009

Famous Ray's Pizza III

Regular readers know of my father's proclivity for making his own pizza. I've posted about it a few times already, but it's such a production when he does it that I can resist making a post whenever it happens. He made the dough the day before, and last night we had two pizzas, both with green peppers, mushrooms, and spicy turkey sausage.

The first (which I documented), didn't come out particularly round, but no one really cared. Not going to bother with a recipe here, just lots of pictures.

The dough!

The sauce was a jar of my stepmother's homemade marinara.

The toppings: diced peppers, sliced mushrooms, spicy turkey sausage, and mozzarella and parmigiano reggiano cheeses.

The last shot before going in the oven.

The misshapen but delicious final pie. Along with a Yeungling, it made for a great Sunday night dinner.

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