Friday, January 30, 2009

Which Way To Go?

A few friends are coming down to my neck of the woods on Saturday night with designs on trying one of our many treasured restaurants. Now, the conundrum: where shall we go?

My first instinct is Loulou. It's always good, not terribly pricey (though certainly not cheap), and is sure to make a good impression, even if it won't be nice enough to sit outside. I've been to Loulou a lot, though, and it would be nice to go somewhere new(er) for the blog, right?

Olea is an option, but that falls into the same trap as Loulou - I've written about it a couple of times, although only for brunch, so this would be a slight change of pace.

We could try some place new (for me), like Mojito or Black Iris or Madiba, but while it's unlikely we won't enjoy them, the whole idea is that these friends want me to bring them somewhere I've been and know is good. No. 7 fits into this category, but who knows if it will actually be open?

Pequena? Maybe. It certainly will give us a good value. It's a bit cramped, though. Still, nobody will say no to margaritas.

Stone Home is an option, but it's definitely on the pricey side.

Any thoughts? Right now I think we'll fall somewhere in the Loulou/Olea/Mojito group.

Update: Brownstoner gave Loulou a writeup last week and even quoted me. I think that's a sign.


Meg said...

Definitely Lou Lou. Everyone I've taken there has been totally impressed. And it really shows off that stretch of DeKalb. :)

Brian said...

Yeah, it's really hard not to just go with Loulou, as I know it'll represent the entire CH/FG restaurant scene well.

Olea might win for the atmosphere, though.


Anonymous said...

LouLou is always wonderful.. they have some great deals during the week although they can get kind of confusing (buy 1 entree and 2 appetizers or 1 entree and 1 appetizer and 1 dessert and get one entree free... something like that... they should just lower the price a little instead!)

olea is a little nicer room-wise

I think that cafe lafayette is really great too

Anonymous said...

No. 7 is, like many restaurants, closed on Mondays. So, if you go there on that day of the week, it will be closed. Every time. It's open the other days.

The General Greene has gotten their shit together and is now, for the most part, delicious.

Anonymous said...

Or you could go bonkers and eat at the new Ethiopian place called Bati. It's on Fulton.

Brian said...

I considered Bati, and CHB's write-up makes it sound great. We're thinking about it, but I'm suddenly craving crepes after thinking about Loulou.

Thanks for the info on No. 7 - being closed on Monday makes sense. I'll get there some day.

Anonymous said...

ici, Luz and General Greene would be my 3 recommendations.