Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Like Pork

I really like pork. Whenever I'm looking for something relatively light for dinner, I almost always consider a pork loin of some kind, and it turns out Trader Joe's has some pretty nice ones. I picked one up this weekend along with some mixed vegetables and sweet corn. Tonight I threw together a quick dinner using all three.

Not much of a recipe here, so I'm not going to bother typing it up as such. Typically, I'd use the rotisserie for this, but tonight I just cut the pork loin into 1/2-3/4 inch slices, dredged them in flour, and tossed into a skillet with some extra virgin olive oil. The vegetables were simple steamed - it's my favorite way to cook most vegetables, and leaves them fresh and healthy.

Very quick, very easy, and very good. This was also my first attempt at photographing food with my new camera, and I'm still getting the hang of it.

Here is a dog who desperately wants some pork.

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