Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 5th Grilling

A belated happy Fourth of July to everyone. Things have been quiet around here, which is another word for busy as all Hell. A trip down to Florida last week produced some good eats, but sadly I did not have the camera with me so I couldn't take any pictures. If you find yourself near Sarasota, I heartily recommend the Rod and Reel out on Longboat Key. I had a chipotle-glaxed grouper that they'd pulled out of the water a few minutes before that was fantastic. Made me want to chuck it all and move down there to start a restaurant.

Today we decided to do some grilling, and had some simple steaks with roasted vegetables. Nothing complicated here, so I won't go nuts posting recipes. The steaks were marinated in a little worchestershire sauce along with salt and pepper. The mushrooms had a little butter and basil, and the squash had a little salt and pepper.

The veggies were wrapped in foil and grilled for about 20 minutes before I did the steaks. Nothing complicated there - cook until barely cookes all the way through. We like out meat bloody as hell.

We opened a recommendation from Gnarly Vines that went great - Stephen Vincent Crimson 2005. It's a Rhone-style blend of cab and syrah that's well suited to steak. It's not a wine I'd recommend for drinking on its own, but it's a good table wine that goes well with red meat.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy fourth. I know I'd like to see a bit less of the bottle rockets and roman cadles being lit on the street, sometimes pointed above groups of people, but hey, it's Brooklyn.

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Anonymous said...

the wine actually came from a little store in the city. -mickey