Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Eating Off the Grid

The wonderful restaurant Luz is having a unique event in celebration of Earth Day. I don't typically celebrate this day of days by doing anything in particular, but this sounds like a great way to start.

And let There be No Luz
(A New York meal off the grid)

On April 22 and 23, 2008 Luz Restaurant, in Brookly NY, will be hosting an event in celebration of Earth Day 2008.

Many things can be disrupted if there is no power. Communications, water, light, building systems, transportation, etc. We have decided to focus on the most basic human act: consuming food. On April 22 and 23 we will be selecting, measuring and combining organic and sustainable products to produce a five course meal without electric power. We will be using all natural, oraganic and grass fed products from local farms and markets. We will also be serving organic beer and wine.There will be no electricity; no telephones, no gas, no credit card machines, no computers, no heat lamps.

We hope that thru our two days of cooking we can promote awareness of environmental issues. We hope to ingest consciousness of the fact that what we do, buy, use or dispose has a direct impact on planet Earth.

We will provide live music, seating and serve food to be consumed on the premises, we ask you to come, engage and enjoy this act which supports life. Come to Luz (with out Luz) and celebrate Earth day 2008.

Earth Day pre-fix $55.00 (metal or paper only) per person


Luz Restaurant
177 Vanderbilt Ave Btwn Myrtle & Willoughby

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