Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Dinner

I spent the weekend in Michigan with my dad and stepmom, and there was quite a bit of great eating and drinking. I'll have another post or two up later, but I present for now our Easter dinner, which was a spectacular prime rib.

To start, we had some arancini - fried risotto balls with cheese filling and marinara sauce along with some champagne. Life's tough, I know. We also enoyed a Nero D'avola from Sicily that I schlepped from NY along with a Thomas Hyland Cab.

For the main course we had a perfectly prepared prime rib that was large enough to basically kill us. Preparation was nothing more than a little seasoning and roasting it in the oven. It was acocmpanied by asparagus roasted with balsamic vinegar and fingerling potatoes.

We wanted a big red to accompany dinner, so we drank a bottle of the biggest Italian, a Barolo.

Also pictured is this salt which my father is very proud of. I admit, it's good salt.


jenblossom said...

Gorgeous, all of it!

I have to ask, where in Michigan? I grew up in Detroit (east side) and lived in Royal Oak for a couple of years before moving to this coast.

Brian said...

Milford, right next to Novi. Not particular far from Royal Oak at all.

I lived there and worked in Farmington Hills for about a year before moving to NYC in 2001.