Friday, March 7, 2008

Applewood Winery

It's been more than a week since my last post, and I'd love to say that there's been too much food and wine-related happenings to write about, that I've literally been burdened with so much material that I simply didn't know where to begin. The truth is far less interesting, sadly. Work and other priorities have meant little time to do anything in my free time save sleep. I did hit up St. Patrick's Day in Hoboken last week, but that offered little of culinary interest beyond a keg of Miller Lite and Guitar Hero, neither of which is really appropriate for these fair pages.

We did get out latest delivery from the Applewood Winery Wino's Club. Last October we decided on a whim that we wanted to go apple picking somewhere in the area. We ended up at an orchard near Sugarloaf win Warwick, NY called Applewood Farms. It was a rousing good time, and we ended up with few dozen apples that lasted for weeks.

They also sport a vineyard with a little wine shop where you could taste the local fare. We tried a few glasses of various wines, and ended up signing up for the Wino's Club, which means you give them your credit card number and they send you two bottles four times a year. I thought it would be fun to get some random wine delivered a few times a year, and the wines weren't expensive, so I signed up.

None of the wines we tried were very good, mind you. There are much, much better wines to be had for the price, but I liked the novelty of it in addition to supporting local producers. We'll definitely be back there this fall, and I'll probably pick up some more awful wine.

A commenter reminded me that the cider is of course very, very good. One of the bottles we got as part of the club a few months ago was a bottle of hard cider, and it was fantastic. The apple-based wines are also ok if you're looking to drink alcoholic apple juice. Be prepared for a massive hangover because of all the sugar. Thanks, Julia.


Applewood Orchard and Winery
82 Four Corners Rd.
Warwick, NY 10990

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Color Me Green said...

I grew up in Warwick and I love to see people supportings its farms! I've tasted Applewood's wines and I agree they aren't very good. I think the best winery in Warwick is Warwick Valley Winery. Their most popular product is actually their cider, not their wine - called Doc's Draft Ciders, which comes in a variety of flavors and are sold in several Brooklyn bars. Let me know if you want any tips on things to do in the Warwick area if you ever head back up there!

Brian said...

We loved it up there and plan to be back this fall. While our friends drove home after apple picking, we wandered up and down main street and poked in to all the shops, and ended up having dinner at a local tavern that I can't remember the name of. it was pretty big, so I'm sure you know the one I'm talking about.

thanks for reminding me about the cider - the Applewood hard cider we got was really good, and I'll be bringing more home next time we go up. We'll also make sure to stop at the Warwick Valley Winer as well.

I'm not really a fan of NY wines simply because they're so inconsistent. The weather variation means that even the best-rub wineries have a lot of trouble turning out a consistently good bottle.