Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saturday Night Leftovers (Kind of)

Friday night brought a lot of poker (not playing very well at the moment) and Rock Band (my first time, it's awesome) and, naturally, drinking. When I was finally roused on Saturday afternoon, I was in no mood to put for any real effort into dinner. I considered Buff Patty (still haven't gotten there) or Kinara (still need to try the chicken Tikka Masala), so I threw some fresh meat ravioli in a pot and decided to use some of the leftover sauce from the Hunter's-Style Chicken we had a couple of weeks ago.

Took 15 minutes, and it turned out great (this is a bonus parenthetical).

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Anonymous said...

Great tasty oversized cupcakes! I live in the hood as well, thought fans of you and Riley might want to know about this new Bobby Flay Grilling Show. If you know any Master Grillers please send them my way.