Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rustik is Here!

We've been waiting anxiously for Rustik to finally open for real, and last night we got our first chance to stop in. The closet bar to us is Sputnik, and I've never really been a huge fan - it's all right, but I've been hoping for a while to have a nice watering hole nearby that would be fun to hang out after work or after going out on weekends. Rustik's perfect.

The space inside is open and inviting, and the decor is very classy - lots of wood and brick. There are shelves with old issues of National Geographic along with an old piano in the back. There's also a great outdoor garden space with a fire pit that will apparently be used for grilling in the warmer months.

Their beer selection is pretty good (Blue Moon on tap suits me just fine), and the bartender Ryan promised that they'd be rotating a few of the beers on tap from time to time. One interesting tidbit is that they don't have any Brooklyn Brewery beer, which is fine with me since while it's all right, you can get it at every grocery store and crappy bodega anywhere in Brooklyn. They've also got a decent wine selection for a bar.

I was surprised that they had a kitchen, and since we hasn't eaten, we ordered dinner. I had the Butcherboy Burgers - three ground turkey sliders stuffed with blue cheesed and topped with sauteed onions and served with greens. Mick had the Clinton Hill chili, also made with ground turkey (that seems to be a theme here). I would have liked it to be a bit spicier, but it was very good. Everything on the menu seems priced reasonably, and there's a lot of thigns I want to try - especially the nachos, which I'll have next time. Lots of the menu items are named for nearby streets which is a bit kitschy, but a fun way to make the place feel local.

We got a chance to talk at length with the owner, Frantz, whose goal with Rustik was to bring an old-fashioned tavern to the neighborhood. Their website boasts that Rustik is the best bar in Clinton Hill, and even if I didn't live literally around the corner I'd be inclined to agree. If you're anywhere nearby, do yourself a favor and stop in. My first impression of Rustik is that it's a really special place, and our neighborhood is much better for having it.


Rustik Tavern
471 DeKalb Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Google Map

Also, dogs love snow.


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Ted Crawford said...

"Rustiks" is a very cozy and sexy lounge. There is nothing like it within a 2 mile radius. If you ever get the chance, please stop by and grab a bite because the food is outstanding and staff is very hospitable. See you there !!

Hache said...
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Anonymous said...

The atmosphere was great the service friendly and not in your face and the food was very fresh and tasty... Go there you won't regret it. Soon the place will be packed.

Anonymous said...

My friends and I tried Rustik for the first time today for brunch thanks to learning about it on this blog. The space is warm and inviting. We couldn't resist the call of the Chicken and Waffles which were scrumptious. We chatted with Frantz who introduced us to the Rustik Lemonade, a wonderful concoction he has been working on. As if the inside isn't cozy enough, there's a patio that's waiting to be taken advantage of. Looking forward to spring at Rustik!

Unknown said...

Rustik is the bomb-diggity for great food, people and drink! Everything from the Mussles to Fish and Chips....everything is great! Atmosphere is wonderful and inviting without being pretentious....the ambience is comforting and quaint. A perfect addition to the neighborhood! LOVE IT! Much love to the staff & management! BIGUPS RUSTIK!!

Anonymous said...

I was there this weekend for a friends birthday party and I have to say that this place is great! The scene was live, the location and staff were great. The food was excellent and the Mariachi band was entertaining. I will definitely be back soon.