Monday, February 25, 2008

Around the World (With Other People) (Part II)

I've posted about her blog before, but since it's her birthday I figured I'd throw another one her way. Also, I'm now helping out with some minor technical bits, so I guess it's kind of now my blog too. Sort of.

But not really.

Anyway, our good friend Lindsay, of The Bon Vivant Traveler fame, is celebrating her birthday today. So hop on over and read about a three and a half month cruise that they're on and we're not.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint you Brian but it's just me (not ahem, a celebrity like Ted Allen) but just stopping by to say how fabulous your blog is and to thank you for all the help! When I get back to the city I'm planning to make a night of it eating at all of these fabulous places you've been writing about in Clinton Hill. Seriously, after eating the shit British food on this ship for over a month that posting on Ruthie's is making my mouth water. Give my love to Mickey and the new pooch!