Tuesday, January 15, 2008

High-End Local Grocers

I posted a while back asking for recommendations on local grocery stores. It seems I was a little premature, since Clinton Hill Blog has compiled a nice little list of all the new upper-end grocery stores that are opening in the area. This is wonderful to see - it's nice not to have to trek over to Park Slope or Brooklyn Heights to find some exotic mustard that was made by hippies on the moon. L'Epicerie and Karrots aren't too far from me, and I'll give them a try soon.

My local mart is the C-Town on Dekalb and Taaffe, which is all right but a little too expensive and lacks good produce. It's still much better after the remodel, and the deli does a pretty good job.

Oh, and NYCPets.com on Myrtle just opened up the other day (or at least it was the first time I'd seen it open). Riley loved it.

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