Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wines of the Night

Pretty good

Less good

Both were bought from our good friends at Gnarly Vines. I was a little disappointed in the Bordeaux, as the 2005's are supposed to be transcendent. This one in particular wasn't that great, but we'll definitely try more.


Fat Asian Baby said...

the santa cristina is made by the antinori family, one of the oldest and best italian wine-making families. they do a bunch of good and great wines, ranging from the affordable, like santa cristina, to the totally not affordable, like solaia. their villa antinori wine is slightly more expensive than the santa cristina but is also a pretty solid bet when in doubt.

Brian said...

Villa Antinori is one of my favorites, and we drink quite a bit of it. I didn't know the connection to Santa Christina, but I suppose I should have.,

Thanks for the heads up!