Monday, November 5, 2007


We spent most of yesterday out of the house and, for the first time in my life that I can remember, had two separate brunches. The first was at a fantastic little Mediterranean place on Lafayette called Oléa that we've enjoyed for a while. We were there at about 9:45 and got a seat outside - a perfect vantage point to watch the NYC Marathon. I had the parmesan French toast and Mickey had a Greek omelette. Both were outstanding, although she admitting being jealous of mine because it was lathered in hollandaise sauce.

Later, after a trip up to Queens to run some errands, we found ourselves having our second brunch at Maggie Brown where we eschewed the traditional brunch fair and each had a cheeseburger. Neither of us had ever been to Maggie Brown although I'd been meaning to for a while. The burger was great, especially notable for the excellent, reasy bun and the horseradish they sprinkle on top of the cheddar.

During the meal I mused out loud that I should start a blog about restaurants in Clinton Hill. There are new ones opening every week it seems, and since we both love food we try and hit as many of them as we can. As everyone should already know, Clinton Hill in Brooklyn is the "bloggiest" neighborhood in the nation. I'm a regular visitor to the fantastic Clinton Hill Blog, and I love when they post about new restaurants. Eating Clinton Hill is another I had high hopes for, but they don't seem to be updating much these days. By the end of the meal I'd decided it would be fun to try my hand at my own Brooklyn food blog. I haven't had a regular blog since 2000 or so, and back then it was about my adventures in web design and technology. I don't know if I'll have the time or the inclination to keep this updated regularly with interesting tidbits, but I'll give it a try in any event. Thanks for stopping by, and if you enjoy what you read, spread the word!


Camjay said...

Sounds great - thanks for the recommendations. Looking forward to new finds!

Coodence said...

MMM I had the maggie brown cheeseburger for brunch on Sunday - so totally delicious. A burger for breakfast? I'm sold.

Anonymous said...

I agree--Maggie Brown's brunch offerings are just splendid.

Anonymous said...

Surely you know Maggie Brown and Olea as well as Pequena are owned by the same people or did you just coincidentally eat at 2 of their restaurants? Hmmm.

Brian said...

Actually, no, I had no idea. it really was a cooincidence that we chose those two places. :)

Now I'll have to go try Pequena.