Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving For Real

Sorry for the tardiness on this post, but I was too busy enjoying Thanksgiving and then performing other holiday-related activities to get around to making it. My apologies. I ope everyone had a happy and food-filled holiday.

The turkey, stuffed and ready to go

So our Thanksgiving was broken up in to two separate-yet-equal parts. Mick and I had explored having dinner with family and friends, but in the end we decided to stay home and make dinner for just the two of us, although we made enough food for eight. Mick was adamant about doing most of the cooking, which was fine with me since it gave me more time for wine and football. I did make the mashed potatoes and gravy, so I wasn't totally useless.

The first bottle we opened - a Beaujolais Nouveau from Thirst

Here was our menu:

1 10 lb. turkey stuffed with oyster stuffing.
Mashed potatoes
Sunshine carrots
Broccoli and cheese casserole
Wilted greens
Cranberry sauce
Fruit salad
Deviled eggs - these got mostly devoured as appetizers
French bread
Wine - lots of it

I'm not going to post recipes for everything - Mick can post a couple of them if she likes. I think she should definitely post the broccoli cheese casserole.

Without further ado, here are pictures from our first Thanksgiving dinner.

Potatoes, pre-mashing

Potatoes, mid-mash

Potatoes, mashed

Wilted greens

A portion of the table - yes, we made too much for two

Getting ready to serve


After we had our little meal, we rested up for a few hours and then headed over to the neighbor's for a second dinner. We brought over one of the desserts we'd planned on having, a lemon meringue pie that we picked up in the Village. It was very good!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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