Friday, November 30, 2007

Steak Night

Sometimes you just need to make a steak. Sometimes you stop at a decent grocery store in Jersey on your way home. And even other times you end up buying a one-point-eight pound steak.

That's a lot.

And also good.

This thing was almost two inches thick, and I have meat poisoning.


jenblossom said...

Ah yes. Sometimes nothing else really does it for you - in fact, we're having steak tonight! We picked up a gorgeous bone-in pastured ribeye from the new meat purveyors at the Fort Greene greenmarket last Saturday, which my husband is cooking up with Fergus Henderson's baked potato recipe (twice baked, with tons of garlic roasted in duck fat) and creamed kale. Steakhouse dinners at home are the best, and yours looks lovely!

Brian said...

A twice baked potato cooked in duck fat?

You win.

Anonymous said...

The steak looks great. I'm not usre how you cook your steak but after reading Frank Bruno's recent review of Peter Lugar's, I adoted a similar technique.
In a very hot cast iron pan, I sear the steak on each side and the edges, then finsh the cooking in a 350 degree oven for about 5-6 minutes on a side. I buy whole filets from Costco, trim them thorouhly and then divide it into small roasts for two. I then cook them the same way as the steak and slice the finihed roast into slices of about 1/4 of an inchI use only salt and pepper for seasoning.