Monday, November 5, 2007

Myrtle Avenue Eats

Gridskipper has an article up today cataloging nine restaurants along Myrtle Ave. I can personally vouch for Il Torchio, Maggie Brown, and Ruthie's, and while I've not yet been to Chez Lola, I've really enjoyed its sister restaurant, Chez Oskar. I've always been curious about Sapolo, as I had no idea what to expect from a self-proclaimed Spanish-Chinese fusion place.

This quote in particular about another restaurant I have yet to try intrigues me:

The Five Spot tends to polarize the locals. We come down firmly on the "love it" side. The food, while not gourmet, is cheap, delicious, and served in massive quantities. The Five Spot usually features live music… or DJs with an emphasis on soul, hip hop, and rock. You can also get takeout until midnight.

One minor caveat to the article: the embedded map places Sapolo pretty far east when in reality it's right near everything else on the corner of Myrtle and Ryerson.

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Mickey said...

Speaking of Il Torchio- last time I was there I had a bit of luck. The wine distributor that they use mislabeled the pricing on a case of wine that normally goes for $80 a bottle at restaurants, so that night Il Torchio was selling it for $40 a bottle. It was an amazing 2002 Merlot Formentini Golio (if I am recalling properly). It was flavforful without overpowering the food).